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  • Talleres Azuara is involved in building a macro biodiesel plant in Brazil

    The plant of biodiesel will produce 690,000 tons of bio-combustible and will have a desalination plant, a riles plant and electric generation plant based on biomass.

    Illustration of the bio-combustible plant

    Talleres Azuara works with Brazil's Mater LNG SA de Brasil to build a refinery of COP in the town of Araquari, in the state of Santa Fe.

    The refinery will be ready to produce 690,000 tons of bio-combustible (b100). The resulting product may be used neat or blended with diesel in proportions of 5%, 10%, 20%, or 50%.

    In the refinery we will also produce the following products:

    • Distilled Glycerin: 80,960 tons / month
    • Stearin: 220,000 tons / month
    • Calcium Soap: 71,424 tons /...

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