Talleres Azuara

News / New project from Talleres Azuara: Hydroblood

Hydroblood is a innovative processing plant for optimal production of Decolourised Hydrolysed Protein (DHP)

Our overall objective is to bring to the market a new solution which will not only reduce the environmental impact of blood produced in slaughterhouses, but optimize the protein production process for animal and human feed purposes too, in a reliable and  cost-effective way.

Our innovative HYDROBLOOD processing plant will make a difference within the current market worldwide, since it does not include cold nor heating treatments for the process of obtaining a new high quality protein from slaughtered animal's blood. Our innovative solution will make a revolution within the meat sector, since the slaughterhouses will not only avoid the treatment of a high polluting waste (and its associated costs) but convert it into a high added value product (DHP) that will suppose an increase by around 5% in their annual turnover.

This practice supposes not only a big waste of water but the generation of a big amount of contaminated water, what derives in very high costs for the slaughterhouse in both, cleaning and treatment processes.