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Hydroblood is a innovative processing plant for optimal production of Decolourised Hydrolysed Protein (DHP), a turnkey plant designed, built and delivered by Talleres Azuara and its team.

Our overall objective is to bring to the market a new solution which will not only reduce the environmental impact of blood produced in slaughterhouses, but optimize the protein production process for animal and human feed purposes too, in a reliable and cost-effective way.

Our innovative HYDROBLOOD processing plant will make a difference within the current market worldwide, since it does not include cold nor heating treatments for the process of obtaining a new high quality protein from slaughtered animal's blood.

Our innovative solution will make a revolution within the meat sector, since the slaughterhouses will not only avoid the treatment of a high polluting waste (and its associated costs) but convert it into a high added value product (DHP) that will suppose an increase by around 5% in their annual turnover.

Blood at the industry: our business opportunity.

Animal blood produced in slaughterhouses represents a problematic by-product of the meat industry due to the high volumes generated and its very high pollutant load when discarded directly into the environment.

From AZUARA we have identified the business opportunity behind this market weakness, and we have developed the HYDROBLOOD processing plant to solve it, which is a secure, cost-effective and eco-friendly system for blood collection and processing.

With current technologies available into the market, only around 7% of the protein content in blood can be recovered. With our innovative HYDROBLOOD processing plant, the whole content of protein can be recovered from animal's blood. This will make a big impact within the feed additives market.

HYDROBLOOD is a processing plant for the processing of slaughtered animals’ blood, obtaining a new protein (DHP), completely natural and with a high nutritional value (greater than plasma powder) by the use of a well-developed technology that addresses the resolution of the four major problems that have prevented so far the integral use of such high biological value of blood proteins, and its use in industrial processes as an additive for human or animal consumption.

Consortium members have been essential in achieving success. They are:

  • University of Girona (UdG): Since the very beginning of this project, University of Girona (UdG) has been a key partner in order to test and validate the Decolourised Hydrolysed Protein (DHP) obtained from the HYDROBLOOD processing plant. We have a cooperation agreement with them in order to keep on going with the required tests to validate the new product. We consider the participation of UdG in this project, especially the contribution of the Agro-food Technology Institute team, from the University of Girona, a key partnership to make the HYDROBLOOD project a success story.
  • Technological Centre of Nutrition and Health (CTNS): The CTNS is a technological center that provides scientific and technological services to the food and pharma industry in the field of nutrition and health. CTNS has brand new facilities to develop in silico, in vitro and in vivo research studies and human intervention studies in collaboration with the Rovira i Virgili University for the discovery and validation of new bioactive compounds and biomarkers.

    The CTNS is also managing the Centre for Omic Sciences (COS) (www.omicscentre.com). The COS is a scientific operator in the world of omic technologies fully equipped with cutting-edge metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomic, and genomic tools.
  • ATEKNEA is a company specialized in R&D, Innovation Project Management and Innovative Engineering Solutions with over 15 years of experience. Is the SME with the highest number of SME-targeted projects in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) with more than 100 engineers, more than 30 PhDs, more than 170 projects, more than 600 SMEs involved and more than 25 European countries represented.
  • The inventor of the patent, who will acquire the intellectual property to jointly develop the project and its industrial development.

The organization of Talleres Azuara for the HYDROBLOOD project involves the following areas:

Executive Team:

  1. Sr. Josep Mª Quintana - CEO
  2. D. Jesús Azuara - COO / CCO
  3. Sra. Mercedes Azuara - CFO

Development Team:

  1. D. Ángel González - CTO
  2. Sr. Lluís Català - Gestión de Proyectos

And more than 30 people on the execution team.

Talleres Azuara: over 30 years boosting the food industry.